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Wed Nov 08 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Ria Sommerfeld

Ex-husband : Tom Kaulitz
Ria Sommerfeld and Tom Kaulitz married in 2015 and divorced in 2018.

Ria Sommerfeld is a German hairstylist and a model, best known as the former wife of Tom Kaulitz, guitarist of Tokio Hotel. Though the German beauty made her name on her own, her marriage with the guitarist Tom played a huge role in her fame. 

Over the years, Sommerfeld found much fame from her marriage. However, Ria slowly left the forefront of the limelight. Similarly, the ex-celebrity wife stopped using her Instagram in 2023.

Net Worth Of Ria Sommerfeld

According to the web, the net worth of Ria Sommerfeld is estimated to be $1 million which is equal to Julia Rose. She is a model who has pursued her career ever since she graduated. After she won her pageant title, she worked in various fashion events as a model, even though her name is still not prominent in the industry. 

Ria Sommerfeld having a stay in a luxurious resort.
Ria Sommerfeld having a stay in a luxurious resort. Source: Instagram@riamanila

Moreover, she is also a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. So, it's only plausible that she owns a fortune in her name. Furthermore, she is about to marry a businessman who is worth millions.

Ria Sommerfeld Is An Entrepreneur

Surprisingly, the beautiful model Ria is also an entrepreneur. After Ria won "Miss Philippines Germany," she started doing many modeling projects; however, she was making her way toward business.

Years later, after winning the pageant, Ria founded a cosmetic company. Reportedly, the company was named Bunny Beauty Box at the time but later, it was changed to Kyut Box. The box produced by her company is a pretty and cruelty-free beauty subscription box.

Physical Appearance of Sommerfeld

Ria Sommerfeld is a tall woman with a gorgeous height of 5 feet 7 inches. At the same time, her weight is around 56 kg. She is a woman with dark hair and dark brown eyes. Ria is a beautiful model who has a prominent name in Asian Beauty. She has body measurements of 34-26-33.

Ria Sommerfeld Instagram Is Private

On Instagram, Ria is available under the username @riamanila and has over 5k followers. However, she is nowhere to be found on Twitter.

Though Ria is available on Instagram, she has made her account private. Before making her account private, she used to make posts frequently and make updates about her daily life. So we are able to bring those posts to you.

Ria Sommerfeld Won A Beauty Pageant In 2004

Ria Sommerfeld is not just your average model because she is a beauty who won a beauty pageant title in her time. Back in 2004, she contested and won "Miss Philippines Germany."

Ria Sommerfeld in her social media
Ria Sommerfeld in her social media. Source: Instagram@riamanila

The beauty queen of Asian Descent got her fame after that. This marks the beginning of her modeling journey as she was given many opportunities and offers in the modeling industry after her win.

Ria's Marriage With Tom Kaulitz

The German model Ria Sommerfeld and the guitarist of Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz, got married in 2015. Reportedly, the former couple met in a club in Hamburg, Germany, the hometown of Ria, in 2009.

Somehow, the ex-couple Ria & Tom got together at the time and started dating. Then after being together for about six years, they finally decided to tie the knot.

Though the couple seemed promising, the marriage was not able to last. Reportedly, Tom was the one to file for divorce in 2016, which was finalized after a year. The cause for the divorce was stated to be "irreconcilable differences." Moreover, the guitarist also requested the court's judge not to grant Ria spousal support.

Ria's Short-Lived Relationship With Mars Daniel

After Ria's separation from her ex-husband, Tom Kaulitz, she started dating Mars Daniel in 2018. He is a musician and songwriter from Los Angeles, US. 

Though the couple was discreet about their relationship, it seems they did not work out since they broke up soon.  However, the exact date is still a mystery. 

Is Ria Sommerfeld Getting Married?

Ria Sommerfeld, the ex-wife of Tom Kaulitz, is getting married to D. Michael McCarroll, the senior vice president of The Plexus Groupe. In June 2022, she posted on her Instagram where she revealed that she got engaged to her boyfriend after he proposed. 

Ria posted a picture with a ring on her ring finger and a caption that she said "yes."

Ria Sommerfeld's post on her Instagram about getting engaged.
Ria Sommerfeld's post on her Instagram about getting engaged. Source: Instagram@riamanila

Ria's boyfriend, Michael, is a domestic broker and producer. Along with the vice president, he also serves as the head of sports and entertainment, LA market leader, and head of cannabis at The Plexus Groupe.

Ria Sommerfeld Claims To Be An Introvert

Though we have seen the bubbly moments of Ria with her then-husband, Tom, and now partner Michael, she claims to be an introvert. She has not made any post or video stating that she is an introvert. However, she has kept "professional introvert" on her Instagram bio.

However, Ria's social media appearance can not be reasonably described as conservative, so it's hard to believe she is one. However, since we've never gotten to know her in close-up, we don't know about that. So, it may be true that she is indeed an introvert.

The Ex-Husband Of Ria Sommerfeld Also Remarried 

If you hadn't paid much attention to the marriage of Heidi Klum, you might not have known the person's name to whom she was married. So, you must be pretty shocked to learn that her husband, Tom Kaulitz, is Ria's ex-husband. 

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz attending an event.
Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz attending an event. Source: theknownews

Like Ria, Tom did not have leftover feelings for his former lover and moved on quickly. He began dating the German-American model Heidi Klum back in 2018 when it hadn't been long since his divorce from Ria.

Though Tom and Heidi had not even been dating for a year, they got married in 2019 in secret. And Heidi revealed that she's been much happier with Tom. And now the couple is living in bliss, making public appearances together and appreciating each other in public.

Does Ria Sommerfeld Have Children?

There has been no news of Ria getting pregnant and having a child. Even with her six-year-long relationship and a year of marriage with Tom, she has no child. It could be that, at that time, she was not prepared enough to be a mother.

However, now that she is finally getting married again, she must have been preparing to get a baby. Though she has not mentioned such thoughts, it can be seen that she is very happy to begin her new family.

Where Is Ria Sommerfeld Today?

Through Ria's social media, she has let us know that she is currently residing in Los Angeles. And this year, she got engaged to her love, Michael McCarroll. So, she must be making preparations for her wedding and married life.

Apart from that, regarding her career, she has not been taking any modeling projects. And she has been enjoying her time with her hubby, traveling to various places, and having luxurious meals.

Short Bio on Ria Sommerfeld

Ria Sommerfeld was born on October 9, 1982, in Hamburg, Germany. She had an age difference of nearly seven years from her former husband, Tom. The couple was married for over a year before deciding to separate.

And now, after nearly six years of their divorce, the news about Ria's engagement has surfaced in social media. After disappearing from the public, she has again come to the media's attention with her engagement.


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