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Fri Aug 11 2023
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Omikaye Phifer is a celebrity kid who is blessed to have both famous parents. He is famous among the public as the son of actor Mekhi Phifer and actress Malinda Williams

His father, Mekhi, has worked in many movies, with his most recognizable work being the role of Future from 8 Mile. Likewise, his mother Malinda's famous work includes High School High, First Sunday, and The Undershepherd. 

Omikaye Phifer Parents Are No Longer Together

Omikaye Phifer is fortunate to have two wealthy parents, but the sad part is that they no longer live under the same roof. His parents went through a messy divorce in 2003.

Malinda Williams is looking at Mekhi Phifer as they are in the crowd in this image.
Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams in High School High (Source: IMDb)

The two marriages didn't last long, as they were only married in 1999. Although some weren't surprised to learn about their divorce as both of them were young when they tied the knot. We all know how most young people are marrying end up. 

However, Dawn of the Dead actor Mekhi said that marrying young didn't negatively affect his career. In an interview with Angela Yee from The Breakfast Club, upon asking about it, he said:

No it didn’t affect my career, it affected me and helped me learn a lot about myself. I was young, I was like 24 years old and that’s tough being that young in this business, where I was at in this business and being in a tumultuous relationship. Because you try to do the right thing, me and her have a son together. Being in that kind of relationship and that jump in my career at that age, it was tough. 

Omikaye's Father's Cheating Was The Reason For Divorce

We know that Mekhi and Malinda are no longer together. But why? What was the reason behind these two ending their marriage? The reason for their divorce was that Mekhi cheated on Omikaye's mother. However, the 8 Mile actor has denied all of it. Usually, celebrities avoid giving many details about their married life, but not with Mekhi. 

While in the same Interview with Angela Yee from The Breakfast Club, as mentioned above, he said a lot about his time with A Second Chance actress. Upon being asked by Angela about his cheating on her, he said:

Not the whole time but you know we were only married for less than a year. Then there was a point because I bought us a house and we were living on opposite sides of the house. We were technically married but you’re going two or three days living in the house and you aren’t even talking to, you talking about walking up and down the stairs past each other and you aren’t even talking. Then you got out in the world and you have your own group of friends and she has her peoples and you just become separate.

Omikaye Phifer Has A Half-Sibling

Omikaye Phifer is the only kid of Mekhi and Malinda. However, his father has another kid from a different relationship. His name is Mekhi Thira Phifer Jr.

Mekhi Phifer, Oni Souratha, Mekhi Thira Phifer Jr., all three are wearing black jacket and cap.
Mekhi Phifer with Oni Souratha and their son Mekhi Thira Phifer Jr. (Source: Pinterest)

Phifer's son Mekhi Jr. doesn't come from his marriage to Reshelet Barnes. But from his relationship with Oni Souratha. He was born on October 30, 2007. Unfortunately, we don't know much about him as no information on his son is available.

Omikaye Phifer Might Get A Few More Siblings

Omikaye Phifer could have a few siblings in the future. For now, he only has one sibling in Mekhi Jr. It is because his father, Mekhi, has admitted that he wants more kids. He wants to have five kids.

Mekhi said this is one of his Interviews. It is unknown at which Interview he said it, but what he said was:

I'm a soccer dad at heart. I want five kids, and I want to get married. I want to coach Little League.

Have Omikaye Phifer's Parents Moved On From Their Relationship?

The ex-couple Mekhi and Malinda's marriage may not have gone as planned. But they did find love once again. Mekhi is married to Reshelet Barnes, and Malinda is married to Tariq Walker

Mekhi married Reshelet Barnes the same day as Cricketer AB de Villers married Danielle de Villers, i.e. on March 30, 2013. Fehintola Betika and Chelsea White for DailyMail have provided us with the details of their marriage. 

The two wed in Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Both of them wore all white for their wedding. But he was previously in a relationship with a woman named Oni Souratha. The two were engaged in 2007 after getting together in 2004 but quit their relationship before marriage.

Both Mekhi Phifer and Reshelet Barnes are in their wedding dress as they are wearing all white.
Mekhi Phifer and Reshelet Barnes at their wedding (Source: E! Online)

Malinda is married to Tariq, but he isn't the first person she moved on with. Before him, she found love in DJ D-Nice. These two were married from August 23, 2008, to June 14, 2010

Media also ran the news that D-Nice threw shade at Omikaye's father by telling him that he had stolen his girl, which Mekhi denied. Upon being asked about it by Angela Yee from The Breakfast Club, he said:

He didn’t say that and I got love for D-Nice, that’s my man. When he started dating Malinda, he was mad cool. I would go over there to pick my son up and we would chop it up. As long as they were happy then that was good.

How Much Money Did Omikaye Phifer's Parents Make From Movies?

Omikaye Phifer's parents are no longer together, but both are economically independent people. They both work in the entertainment industry and have made a living. His father Mekhi's net worth is believed to be around $8 Million

Most of his income comes from movie work. Particularly the success of 8 Mile and Divergent. Besides this, he is also on Cameo. The website is where people can pay celebrities to make personalized messages. 

So, he makes some money from there as well. Mekhi also has his business. He owns Athlete's Foot, a company specializing in making athletics footwear. The company is based in California.

Omikaye Phifer's Mother Is Also A Millionaire 

Yes, Omikaye's mother, Malinda, is a millionaire because her net worth is $2.5 Million. Acting is also her most significant source of income. The success of TV Shows like Soul Food, movies like The Undershepherd, and High School High have contributed massively to her wealth. 

Malinda Williams is taking a selfie while Tariq Walker is standing behind.
Malinda Williams with her husband new Tariq Walker (Source: Instagram @malinsworld)

Besides acting, she has also done voice work for a video game. The insanely popular World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, which she must have been paid well by the game. In addition, she is also a bit of an entrepreneur with her business; She's Got A Habit Marketplace, a shopping and retail company, per its Insta page. 

A Brief On Phifer's Mother Malinda Williams

Malinda Williams is an actress hailing from Elizabeth, New Jersey. She has worked in a dozen movies in her time, and some of her famous works include High School High and The Undershepherd. She was born on September 24, 1970.

The actress learned at The Actor's Conservatory. Besides acting, the woman is also an entrepreneur and even an author. Her debut book was The Game of Life And How To Slay It. She also has written another book called Words That Work.

A Little Bit  About Omikaye Phifer's Father Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi Thira Phifer is an actor from Harlem, Manhattan. The actor has worked in a lot of movies in his time. His notable works include 8 Mile and ER.

Phifer's acting has also landed him a few awards in his time. Per his IMDb page, the man has been honored with the Rising Star Award, Black Reel, Image Award, and Icon Award. Besides that, he has also landed fourteen awards nominations.


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