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Sat Sep 30 2023
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Cole Maness is a professional cyclist but has earned the attention of people as a celebrity husband. He is the spouse of the American actress Erika Christensen known for Parenthood.

Netizens curious to know about the love life of Erika and Cole can take a glimpse here. You can also grab the details about his net worth, children, career, and other interesting details too.

Unfolding Cole's Relationship Status: His Marital Life With Erika?

Cole Maness is off the market and shares a romantic relationship with his wife Erika Christensen. They have been sharing their blissful marital journey for over half a decade.

Cole Maness with his loving wife Erika Christensen.
Cole Maness with his loving wife Erika Christensen. (Source: Instagram @ erikachristensen)

It was reported that Cole and Erika first met each other at a bike race but didn't spark love there. However, they later reached out to one another via Twitter soon developing a romantic bond. 

Cole and Erika dated privately for two years and shared nothing before the engagement in 2014. People got the notice of their engagement ceremony publicly through Erika's Instagram.

The love duo Cole and Erika then completed their marriage a year later on September 5, 2015. They got married in in Palm Springs, California among close colleagues and family members. 

Has Welcomed Two Kids With Erika

Cole Maness and Erika Christensen have further nourished their marital life by welcoming two kids. Their first child Shane Maness was born on June 21, 2016, and reached the age of five in 2023.

Cole Maness and Erika Christensen with their daughters.
Cole Maness and Erika Christensen with their daughters. (Source: Instagram @ erikachristensen)

Furthermore, Cole and Erika made even numbers in their family through Polly Maness's birth. She was born in August 2018 and has an age gap of two with her older sister Shane. 

Also, Erica plans and shows interest in having more children with Cole in a 2019 interview session. However, there have been no announcements of any additional children since Polly's birth.

Erika and Cole are loving parents who spend time with their kids despite of busy work schedules. The beautiful lady often features Shane and Polly on her official Instagram handle quite often. 

Decoding Cole's Net Worth Status: How Much Money Does He Have?

Cole Maness is estimated to have a net worth of at least $500K similar to the actor Gus Halper. Likewise, he is a professional cyclist and probably has earned money being a sportsperson. 

Cole Maness has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand.
Cole Maness has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. (Source: Twitter)

However, Maness hasn't revealed his income assets and business ventures. On the other hand, his wife Erica Christensen has a net worth of $5 million similar to the film director Aleksandr Galibin.

Erica has earned this money through her successful acting career in the showbiz industry. In 2023, she played the recurring role of Angie Polaski for 13 episodes in the television series Will Trent.

Christensen must have earned money through her acting work in Cheaper by the Dozen and Kimi. She continues to add wealth through her acting work in television series and movies. 

Take A Look At Cole's Bio/Wiki & Age

Colin Maness was welcomed by his parents on April 1, 1982, and is the age of early 40s right now. The names of his parents are undiscovered but was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Speaking of Colin's parents, his father was a government special agent while his mother was an art teacher. He hasn't shared much about his parents and probably respects their privacy. 

According to, Colin has shared two brothers but it is unclear if they are his only sibling. The details about their names and personal lives are unknown glancing on the internet.

Is Colin Available On Social Media?

Colin Maness with his successful cycling career has also carved a significant presence on social media platforms. He has amassed fans by interacting and connecting with people on social media.

The photo of Colin Maness petting the horse.
The photo of Colin Maness petting the horse. (Source: Instagram @ coelmaness)

You can find Colin active on Instagram under the username @ coelmaness and has over 5K followers. He shares insight into his personal life and other updates through the use of Instagram. 

Through his engaging content, Colin Maness showcases his dedication to the sport. His engagement with people has made him a prominent figure in cycling and the digital landscape.

Know About Colin's Cycling Career

Cole Maness is a professional cyclist and has participated in cycling numerous times. He has shown active participation in various national and international competitions.

Colin is known for his love of riding outdoors in all kinds of weather. He is also known as one of the founding members of Wolfpack A, an internationally known cycling team.

Maness hasn't shared much about his cycling career regarding his awards and cycling achievements. However, Colin's love for cycling sports can be witnessed through his Instagram account.

Maness's Wife Is A Renowned Actress

Erika Christensen is a talented actress known for her versatility and compelling performances. She first made her on-screen debut through the role of Karen in the movie Leave It to Beaver.

Christensen received her breakthrough from the role of Caroline Wakefield in Traffic. Some of her notable acting attributes are Flightplan and Swinfan among several others.

In addition to her work in film, Christensen has maintained a strong presence on television. She played a pivotal role as Julia Braverman-Graham in the acclaimed series Parenthood.

Erika has demonstrated a commitment to her craft, taking on challenging and thought-provoking roles throughout her career. She continues to entertain audiences through her acting work in television series and movies in the future. 

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