Who is Bumpy Johnson Daughter? and When She Died?

Fri May 13 2022
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Ellsworth Raymond aka Bumpy Johnson, an infamous crime head of Harlem, was the burning name in the news headlines of the year 1952. He was convicted of drug conspiracy at that time. Moreover, he ruled Harlem under his threat for more than three decades. Later, he died on 7th July 1968.

But the story did not end there. Rather, his name continued with his daughter and granddaughter respectively. Bumpy had a daughter whose name is Elise Johnson

Who is Bumpy's Daughter?

Elise was the true daughter of Bumpy and Mayme Johnson. She was also provided the title, "The Annie Oakley of Harlem", a nickname influenced by an incident. Actually, she shot a man with a point 357 magnum who tried to rob her handbag and a gold chain in 2006.

However, her date of birth and personal details are still behind the curtains. Further, there is very least information provided on her professional life.

Elise's Early Life

Elise was brought up by her parents in New York. She was provided with almost every facility that was possible to afford by her parents.

However, her father's criminal records must have caused some problems while she was in her higher studies.

Ms. Johnson was a Shoplifting Heroin Addict

In the 2019 TV series - Godfather of Harlem, Ms. Johnson was shown as a definite shoplifter. As this series is the portrayal of the real story of Bumpy's life, Elise was indeed a heroin addict in her real life.

Therefore, she used to steal things from stores and supermarkets so as to fulfill her need for money to purchase some doses of heroin.

How Did Elise Die?

The actual cause of Elise's death has not been revealed yet. However, as per some sources, she passed away due heart attack probably imposed by a drug overdose. 

Elise left all her family members miserable, especially her daughter who was very young at the time of her mother's demise.

When Did Elise Die?

The exact date of Elise's death has not been disclosed yet. Nevertheless, it is reported that Ms. Johnson died at the age of 66.

She is survived by her husband and daughter. However, her husband has never come forward in media and introduced himself as Elise's better half.

Johnson's Daughter

Johnson had a daughter with her husband. Her name is Margaret Johnson. She was raised by her grandparents after her mother was unable to get rid of her drug addiction habits.

Margaret spent her childhood in a well-to-do environment with her grandparents. She used to be presented with fanciful things all her early hood.

Margaret & Elise Johnson

Even though Elise gave birth to Margaret, she could not raise her properly on her own. Being a drug addict, it was harder for Elise to be a good mother and look after her daughter. She did not use to have enough to pay for her drug debts.

In that case, it is clear that she could not afford a bright and secure future for her daughter. Therefore, her parents began caring for their granddaughter like their own child.


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