Tragic Loss of Life in the Recent Titanic Submersible: In-Depth Info on the Submersible

Mon Jun 26 2023
By   Prajwol

Titanic has been the highlight of the 20th century. With the recent, tragic incident the name of the Titanic has once again emerged on the surface. On June 18, 2023, the Titan submersible imploded taking the lives of five individuals while descending on the North Atlantic Ocean where the Titanic lies. 

The Titan is a submersible from the OceanGate Expedition used for underwater exploration. The company has made several trips underwater to the remnants of once said the Unsinkable ship, Titanic. Let's take a deep dive into the history of the submersible and the trip to the Titanic.

Brief History Of Titan Submersible

As the famous ship, Titanic was found on the floor of the Ocean, many people were interested to have a look at it. Some wanted to study the ship and how it sunk, while many wanted to grab the jewels that were among the debris of the majestic ship.

Titan Submersible below the water surface
Titan Submersible below the water surface. Source: YouTube @ Megaprojects

Looking at people's interest, many companies started to make the trip to the wreck site a business. One such company is OceanGate which is a US-based company established in 2009. OceanGate made a successful trip to the Titanic with its submersible in 2021.

Specs of Titan Submersible

Among the many fleets of OceanGate, Titan is the most famous one. The submersible is 6.8 meters long and can accommodate only five people, one of which is a pilot. Being a submersible, Titan required a ship on the surface to immerse it as well as bring it to the surface.

Although the submersible is equipped with a private toilet, it lacked a passenger seat. The passenger had to be seated on the floor. Titan was controlled by a remote controller similar to a video game controller. 

Titan's door was designed to only open from the outside. Unlike any other submersible, the door of Titan's door was not possible to open from the inside even if you were on the surface. The submersible had an oxygen limit of 96 hrs.

Was The Titan Submersible Using The $40 Gaming Controller?

As the news of the Titan Submersible implosion has surfaced on the Internet, the Logitech F710 videogame controller has been in the spotlight. The remote controller used in the Titan in the 2021 expedition quite resembled the $40 gaming controller from Logitech.

Logitech Controller is said to be used by the Titan Submersible.
Logitech Controller is said to be used by the Titan Submersible. Source: The Indian Express

Many people believe the use of Cheap controllers has caused this implosion. The question also arose about the use of such a simple controller in a high-tech machine like Titan. On this account, Girguis, who has experience with underwater exploration, thinks that the controller is unlikely to be the source of the Titan's problems compared to its physical construction.

James Cameroon, Director of Titanic Says, Titan's Pressure Hull Is A Critical Failure

The OceanGate Expedition boasted the use of carbon fiber and titanium to build it. The US company promoted it as "lighter in weight and more efficient to mobilize than other deep diving submersibles" on its website.

James Cameroon, director of the movie Titanic says Titan's Pressure Hull Is A Critical Failure
James Cameroon, director of the movie Titanic says Titan's Pressure Hull Is A Critical Failure. Source: Pinterest

However, the director of the movie Titanic, James Cameroon does not agree with this. According to Cameroon, the carbon-fiber composite used for the submersible's hull was the critical failure that led to its implosion.

Cameroon said to ABC News:

 "You don't use composites for vessels that are seeing external pressure. They're great for internal pressure vessels like scuba tanks, for example, but they're terrible for external pressure,"

Over the course of diving into the ocean, the vessel receives damage from external pressure. James believes the tiny microscopic cracks caused during each dive may have led to the implosion.

Safety Concerns Were Raised On Titan Submersible By The Experts

Warnings regarding the flawed design and safety concerns of the Titan submersible have come to light after the tragic incident. Karl Stanley, an expert, and friend of Rush, had previously raised alarm about "cracking" sounds during a dive in April 2019. 

A former OceanGate employee, David Lochridge, also filed a lawsuit in 2018, citing inadequate quality control and safety protocols. These overlooked warnings highlight potential oversights contributing to the devastating outcome.

Titan Submersible Found In Pieces One-third Of Miles Away From The Titanic Wreck Site

On June 23, 2023, the US Coast Guard confirmed that the Titan submersible was found in pieces. yes, the search body found 5 pieces of debris that belong to the sub after days of searching. They were about one-third of a mile away from the Titanic Wreck site. 

The rescue team began the search and rescue operation for the Titan after the water vessel was confirmed to be lost. The small fragments found on the Ocean's floor made the rescuer believe there were no survivors left after the implosion.

The debris found near the Titanic via a remote-controlled underwater search vehicle (ROV) includes a landing frame and a rear cover of the submersible. It confirmed all the people in the expedition perished.

List Of People Who Died In Titan Submersible: Tragic Incident Took Lives Of Five 

As mentioned earlier, five individuals lost their lives in this tragic incident. The people started their journey from the New Foundland, Canada on 16th June 2023 hoping to witness the remnants of the majestic Titanic. But with a twist of fate, those five met their untimely death.

Among the dead were prominent VIP figures. The people inside the vehicle include billionaires, adventurers, as well as the CEO of the OceanGate Expedition himself. The friends and families of the dead remember and mourn for them.

Pakistani Billionaire Shazada Dawood And His Son Suleman Dawood

Shazada Dawood, a British Pakistani businessman born in 1975 was a Titanic lover. Due to the interest, the billionaire signed up for the exploration. Not only himself but Dawood want to take his son Suleman for the trip too.

Pakistani billionaire Shazada and his son Suleman Dawood
Pakistani billionaire Shazada and his son Suleman Dawood. Source: The Independent

The young son of Shazada, Suleman a Rubik's cube lover, was determined to solve the Rubik's Cube on the Titanic making the world record. He had even informed Guinness World Record about his attempts. 

Shazada and his son Suleman both went on this ill-fated trip with high hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, the dream shattered as the submersible imploded nearly two hours after its descent.

Suleman's Aunt told NBC News how the young teenager did not want to go on the trip. Suleman only went as it was important for his Titanic-obsessed father.

British Billionaire And Three Guinness Record Holder Hamish Hardings

Born in 1984, the British Billionaire was a seasoned adventurer. He had already experienced underwater exploration before. Hamish held three Guinness world records including the longest time spent at full ocean depth during a dive to the deepest part of the Mariana Trench.

Hamish Harding has three Guinness World records..
Hamish Harding has three Guinness World records. Source: Instagram @actionaviationchairman

Similarly, Hamish had gone to the south pole multiple times. Not only the underwater exploration but Hardings's event went to space in 2022 in Blue Origin's fifth human-crewed flight.

The British Billionaire was well aware of the risk involved in the expedition. However, his excitement to witness the most renowned ship of its time, the Titanic overwhelmed it. Hamish even posted a Facebook status saying “on the sub going down to the Titanic".

Paul-Henri Nargeolet AKA Mr Titanic

Paul-Henri Nargeolet is a French Navy commander and a deep-sea diver. Paul-Henri was named Mr. Titanic as he has abundant knowledge about the Titanic ship. Nargeolet spent more than two decades working in an RMS Titanic Inc to collect artifacts from the Titanic wreck.

Paul-Henry Nargeolet is a Titanic Explorer who is also known as Mr. TitanicPaul-Henry Nargeolet is a Titanic Explorer who is also known as Mr. Titanic
Paul-Henry Nargeolet is a Titanic Explorer who is also known as Mr. Titanic. Source: Dreshare

Mr. Titanic has made dozens of trips to the Titanic wreck site. However, this ill-fated expedition to the site became his last one. The respected member of the maritime, Nargeolet was also renowned as Titanic's Greatest Explorer.

CEO Of OceanGate Expeditions Stockton Rush

Yes, the CEO of the OceanGate Expeditions, Stockton Rush was also one of the five individuals to have lost their life. He served as a pilot for the Titan. Rush was interested in aviation, and space explorations since his childhood.

CEO of OceanGate Expedition was also killed in the fatal trip.
CEO of OceanGate Expedition was also killed in the fatal trip. Source: Heavy

In 2004, Rush decided to explore the oceans rather than go into space. Thus, he founded OpenGate Expeditions in 2009. Stockton fulfilled his dreams and died doing what he loved the most, i.e. deep sea exploration.

Did You Know Famous Youtuber Mr. Beast Was Also Invited For The Titan Ride?

The famous YouTuber Mr Beast who has millions of subscribers on his channel was invited for the trip to the Titanic. He shared via a tweet that it is kind of scary that he could have been on that fatal ride.

Mr. Beast considers himself lucky enough to have declined the offer. The YouTuber has also shared a portion of a message from someone offering him to be on the Titan submersible.


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