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Tue Jul 18 2023
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Do you know Kelly Piquet? She is a famous Brazilian model dating the famous F1 racer Max Verstappen. And if you know about her, you should have noticed that she has a daughter named Penelope Kvyat with another motorsport racer Daniil Kvyat.

Kelly and Max share a strong relationship. Moreover, Verstappen even listed himself as Penelope's official guardian! Are you looking forward to getting to know her? Then, here we go.

Short Bio on the Celebrity Child: Penelope Kvyat!

Penelope Kvyat, the daughter of Kelly Piquet and her ex-boyfriend Daniil Kvyat, was born on July 27, 2019. Kvyat was born in her dad's hometown in Russia when Kelly was age 30.

Penelope Kvyat and her mother Kelly Piquet took a picture together.
Penelope Kvyat and her mother Kelly Piquet took a picture together. Source: Instagram@kellypiquet

As the daughter of famous personalities, people were looking forward to seeing her. However, now that she has grown and has reached the age of three, she has captivated the fans with her cuteness and charms.

Who Is Kelly Piquet?

Before knowing about Penelope Kvyat, let's learn about her mom, Kelly Piquet. Kelly was born on December 7, 1988, in Homburg, Germany. She is the daughter of the Brazilian racer Nelson Piquet, a three times Formula One World Champion, and Sylvia Tamsma, a Dutch model.

Kelly Piquet enjoying her time.
Beautiful Brazilian model, Kelly Piquet. Source: Instagram@kellypiquet

Kelly is the face of Formula E and has been responsible for its social media coverage since 2015. She has been a good model on the catwalk of various fashion shows and a good model has worked for Lucas Boccalao and PatBo.

As a model, she has modeled for different famous magazines like Vogue Latinoamerica, KCD PR, and Bergdorf Goodman. Moreover, she was also a columnist for the magazine Marie Claire.

Net Worth Of Penelope Kvyat's Parents

Penelope is a kid who celebrated her birthday just a few months ago. So it's ridiculous trying to talk about her net worth. But that is not the case for her parents, as they are adults who are already thriving in their careers.

Kelly Piquet and her then boyfriend Daniil Kvyat and their daughter.
Kelly Piquet and her then-boyfriend Daniil Kvyat and their daughter. Source: Foxsports

The net worth of Penelope's mom, Kelly Piquet, is estimated to be around $1.5 million. She is a beauty who has carried on a successful career in modeling. Moreover, her dad, Daniil Kvyat, has an estimated net worth of over $5 million. He has competed in Formula One and also is successful in his field.

Though her biological father is Daniil, she lives with her mom and her current boyfriend, Max Verstappen, a famous F1 driver with a net worth of $250 million. So, Penelope will have no issue with money while growing up.

Kelly Threw A Huge Party For Penelope Kvyat Birthday

If you all don't know, Kelly threw a massive party for Penelope's birthday a few months back. The party had a pink and blue palette of aesthetics filled with beautiful balloons and stars. 

The decorations were too pretty, and the cake was lovely. On her birthday, Penelope was dressed in a cute dress with a bow. 

Penelope celebrating her birthday with her mom and her mom's boyfriend.
Penelope Kvyat celebrating her birthday with her mom and her mom's boyfriend. Source: Instagram@kellypiquet

Is Penelope Kvyat Attending A Preschool?

No, Penelope is not admitted to a preschool yet. Though Kelly herself does not yet verify it, it is apparent that she has not joined any kids care.

Penelope Kvyat and her mother Kelly Piquet at Penelope's first Ballet Presentation.
Penelope Kvyat and her mother Kelly Piquet at Penelope's first Ballet Presentation. Source: Instagram@kellypiquet

As Kelly keeps posting about Penelope's most insignificant to significant moments, she would have posted Penelope going to daycare or kids care since a child's first day is essential to her mother.

Penelope crossed the age of three. So we might see her going to a preschool soon through Kelly's social media. But Kvyat is enrolled at a ballet school.

Kelly's Social Media Handles: Penelope Is Collecting Fans

Penelope's mom, Kelly, is a famous model with an excellent social media presence. She is active on social media platforms, sharing her and Penelope's daily life moments. 

And since Kelly often posts pictures of Penelope growing up, playing around and having fun, and Kelly doting on her daughter, fans were awed by Penelope.

Kelly Piquet posted a picture of her and Penelope on a beach.
Kelly Piquet posted a picture of her and Penelope Kvyat on a beach. Source: Instagram@kellypiquet

You can find Kelly on Instagram under the username @kellypiquet, with over 1.1 million followers. On Twitter, she is available under the username @KellyPiquet, with over 16k followers.

Penelope Kvyat Is Living With Her Mom & Her Mom's New Boyfriend

Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen have been seen together since late 2020. Though Verstappen and his gf had started their relationship, the couple made it official only in 2021 and on New Year's.

Kelly Piquet and her boyfriend, Max Verstappen
Kelly Piquet and her boyfriend, Max Verstappen. Source: Instagram@kellypiquet

After Kelly's separation from the racer, Daniil Kvyat, she has parenting her child, Penelope. Though Daniil is also helping her grow up, she is living with her mom. 

Penelope Kvyat's mom, Kelly, is currently together with Max Verstappen. So, Penelope is living with her mom and Max in her hometown.

What Happened Between Penelope's Parents?

Penelope Kvyat's parents, Kelly and Daniil, started dating back in 2017. According to sources, they met in Monaco on vacation through a mutual friend.

"It happened in Monaco during my vacation. Our common friend introduced us to each other. All that Daniil and I said during our first meeting was 'Hi!'" 

-Kelly Piquet in her interview

Then the couple had their daughter Penelope in the July of 2019. However, they broke up in the December of the same year. On her breakup, she posted saying the following:

"Nothing in your life can leave without a possible replacement. The end always has a reason. When you cannot quite figure out why it's okay, time will always provide more answers. Keep moving forward and believe that the best is ahead.

Modeling & Racing Run Through Her Genes: Will Penelope Escape It?

Penelope is the daughter of a famous Brazilian beauty. And her dad, Daniil, is a famous motorsports racer. 

On top of that, from her mom's side, her grandfather is Nelson Piquet, a Brazilian racing driver and three-time Formula One World Champion, while her grandmother, Sylvia Tamsma, is a Dutch model.

Penelope Kvyat and her mother Kelly Piquet
Penelope Kvyat and her mother, Kelly Piquet. Source: Instagram@kellypiquet

There's no denying that Penelope's genes are amazing, and we believe in superior genes. With such a good background in modeling and racing, it's apparent that she will come out to be a great beauty and a successful racer if she wants to. 

However, we can't guess the life of a person. She might very well choose any other aspects to pursue as well. And no matter what she chooses in the future, we look forward to it here.


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