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Relationship Timeline Of Pegeen Michael Daly

Husband : John Valentine Jr
Pegeen Michael Daly married John Valentine Jr.

Pegeen Michael Daly was an American celebrity daughter who came to recognition because of her parent's fame. Interestingly, both of her parents were well-known personalities from the entertainment industry. 

From the very beginning, Pegeen preferred a private life and fully supported her family. Though she did not make any statements about her life, she used to make rare appearances with her siblings. Unfortunately, the kind woman died of health issues after a long struggle in her sixties.

Pegeen Michael Daly Died In 2019

As of now, the beloved celebrity sister Pegeen Michael Daly is not with us in this world because she passed away on August 31st, 2019. And the news of her passing came through her brother Tim's post on Twitter. Her sister, Tyne, also made a post to tribute to her. 

Tim Daly announcing the passing of Pegeen Daly.
Tim Daly announcing the passing of Pegeen Daly. (Source: Twitter)

Some sources stated that Pegeen had been fighting heart and health-related concerns for a long while before she passed away. However, the reason for her passing was not stated clearly. 

In her final hours, Pegeen was in peace at her house with all her loved ones. Daly's husband and her daughters stayed by her side on her deathbed. 

Early Life Details of Pegeen Michael Daly

As mentioned earlier, Pegeen Michael Daly was born to an American family of influential actors; James Daly and Hope Newell. She was raised in her father's hometown, Madison, Wisconsin. Being born into a well-established family, she & her siblings enjoyed a lavished lifestyle for certain. 

Some sources suggest that Pegeen was born somewhere around the 1990s. However, it is not true, as it's clear she had already passed the age of sixty before she died.

Pegeen's late father, James, was a famous theater actor, whereas her late mother, Hope, was a charming actress. In addition, her siblings, Tim Daly and Tyne Daly, are equally popular in the entertainment industry, just like her parents. 

What Was Pegeen Michael Daly's Profession? 

Though Pegeen came from a family of actors, she has always preferred to stay away from the limelight and the gossip rags in her time. She did live a fulfilling life as a socialite. However, she never took part in any kind of acting projects.

Though Pegeen's siblings pursued their careers in acting just like their parents, she never made an effort to enter the industry. Maybe she was all aware of her parent's exhausting life; she never seemed to care about such fame.

Net Worth of Pegeen & Her Family

Pegeen Michael Daly was one of four kids of Emmy Winning actor James Daly and actress Hope Newell. Her father's estate was estimated at $2 million back in 1978, and her mother left behind a net worth of $11 million at the time of her death in 2009.

Pegeen Michael Daly with her brother, Tim Daly.
Pegeen Michael Daly with her brother, Tim Daly. (Source: Pinterest)

After her parents' death, Pegeen was one of the inheritors. However, whether or not she got her share of her parent's wealth after their demise is still a mystery. 

The late socialite Pegeen and her husband had their source of income and lived a privileged life. The pair lived in a stately home in New York and were part of various film boards.

Did Pegeen Use Social Media?

Though Pegeen was the daughter of the famous couple James Daly and Hope Newell, she wasn't available on social media. It seemed like she was already fed up with all that attention that came to her as being one of the family members of the family of celebrities.

And to make up for that, we are leaving behind her famous siblings, Tim Daly and Tyne Daly's social media handles. On Instagram, Tim is active under the username @timmydaly, with over 82.5k followers. Similarly, he is on Twitter as @TimmyDaly and has over 105.6k followers.

For Tyne Daly, she is active on Instagram as @tynedalyonline, with over 19k followers. Similarly, she is active on Twitter under the same username with over 13.6k followers.

Pegeen Michael Daly Married In 1967

Our lovely lady, Pegeen, was married to John Valentine Jr. According to sources, the couple got married in the year 1967. However, both of them were private persons, and their marital life was kept far from the sight of media and cameras.

Pegeen Michael Daly's husband, John Valentine Jr.
Pegeen Michael Daly's late husband, John Valentine Jr. (Source: legacy)

The marriage was not as glorious as many people expect from celebrity kids. Their marriage ceremony was not announced publicly and celebrated among her loved ones. Though the couple's relationship and banters were kept under the covers, it can be seen that they truly loved one another as they were in the knot till Pegeen's death.

Did Pegeen Have Children?

From Pegeen's marriage of fifty-two years, she became the mother of two kids. Moreover, she was blessed with both of them as daughters, Kate Valentine and Rory Valentine.

Pegeen never came out of her circle and publicized her relationships and activities. Though we could not see her make a public appearance with her family, we know for sure that she treasured her kids, and the same goes for the feelings of her kids toward her. 

Fortunately, her daughters were with her at the time of her final breaths.

Pegeen's Parents: James Daly Was Gay? 

As mentioned earlier, Pegeen's parents are the theater actor James Daly and actress Hope Newell. But did you know that the famous actor James Daly was gay? 

Well, James' son, the actor Tim Daly, revealed this in an interview on CBS News Sunday Morning. He said that his father came out to him as gay nearly after ten years after his parent's divorce. 

At the time of James, homosexuality wasn't a thing like it is now. It was considered a mental illness, so he was a closet gay. Though he and Hope tried to cure it, they failed miserably. Tim said James' sexual orientation was hindering their family relationships, nearly putting a rift between them. 

Though it's not for sure, it could be the reason for the Daly couple's divorce. After the divorce, he started limiting his contact with his children so they would not end up mentally ill like himself.

Has Two Siblings 

Pegeen's siblings, Tyne Daly and Tim Daly are renowned actors in the industry. She has another sister named Glynn Daly, who prefers to live a low-key life just like her. Her brother Tim Daly is an actor who is best known for playing on the NBC sitcom called Wings, portraying his role as Joe Hackett.

Pegeen Michael Daly's siblings.
Pegeen Michael Daly's siblings. (Source: Pinterest)

Pegeen's sister, Tyne Daly, is also an actress who is known for her role in Cagney & Lacey (1982-88) as Detective Mary Beth Lacey. She is also a four-time Emmy Award for the same role as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

And finally, Mary Glynn Daly, her other sister, who has also stayed far from the media's attention, is leading a peaceful life. She married the American composer Mark Snow, 

Pegeen's Sister Tyne Posted A Poem After Her Demise

After Pegeen's death, along with a few words of tribute to her sister, her famous sister, Tyne Daly, also posted Bertolt Brecht's poem Everything Changes and dedicated it to her sister, Pegeen. 

Pegeen Daly's sister Tyne Daly dedicated a poem to Pegeen
Pegeen Daly's sister Tyne Daly dedicated a poem to Pegeen. (Source: Instagram@tynedalyonline)

Though it saddens her, Tyne must have wished for Pegeen's peaceful eternal journey. As it mentions, "a fresh start with your final breath," she must have prayed for Pegeen's new journey to be happy. 


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