Pandemic Takes Toll on 'Today' Contributer Jill Martin Relationship

Tue May 19 2020
By   Bibek

The COVID-19 pandemic has really taken a toll on people's lives. TODAY's lifestyle contributor Jill Martin has now ended her engagement with fiance Erik Brooks and is blaming Coronavirus for the split.

Martin released a statement where she explained how pandemic took a toll on so many aspects of life and how difficult it is for everyone. She, furthermore, said,

"Erik is the most magnificent person, but with him living in Boston with his children and me living in New York, the distance just became too difficult for us to maintain the kind of relationship that's important to us both."

Jill Martin and her ex-fiance Erik Brooks enjoying a good time
Image: Jill Martin and her ex-fiance Erik Brooks 
Source: Daily Mail

The couple started dating in 2017 after meeting each other via a dating app. After a couple of years of dating, the duo got engaged in May 2019 on the beach in Hamptons. The tent on the beach was decorated with mementos from their relationship, white flowers, and candles. 

Erik Brooks invited Jill to go to a friend's house for a summer party. After reaching and seeing all the setup arranged by Erik, TODAY's Contributor burst into tears as explained by herself. Jill explained she was speechless and said Yes to his proposal.

At the location, Erik got Martin's parents to fly from Florida with Brooks three children, sister, and other family members. At the time, Jill revealed how happy she was to be spending the rest of her life with him.

Jill Martin and Erik Brooks at their engagement
Frame: Jill Martin and Erik Brooks at their engagement day 
Source: Daily Mail

After the engagement with Erik, Martin found it difficult to fit into his family, especially, fitting into the brood as a step-mother to Brooks's three children. Jill recalled Brooks 11-year-old daughter Bella packed Martin's suitcase for her to go home. But since then, Jill and Bella went onto becoming best of friends. 

Apart from being a step-mother to Brooks children, Jill also wanted kids of her own. According to Page SixToday's Contributor froze her eggs at the age of 38 giving her an option of children in the future. 

Since the split, Jill has deleted every image of Erik on her social media. Today's contributor wished her ex-fiance all the best in his life. 


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