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Ex-Celebrity Wife
Thu Feb 22 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Megan Murphy Matheson

Ex-husband : Tim Matheson
Megan Murphy Matheson married Tim Matheson in 1985 and divorced in 2010.

Who is the ex-wife of Tim Matheson? Megan Murphy Matheson gained fame as Tim's second wife. So, Matheson and Megan are no longer together. You probably remember him from shows like The West Wing, where he played the role of Vice President John Hoynes. 

It's not just her ex-husband who works in the entertainment industry. Megan also has some experience in that field. She was featured in one TV Show, Dinner: Impossible episode in 2007. Before that, she also worked on the sets of Brain Donor as an additional crew in 1992.

Megan Murphy Matheson Came to Fame As Tim Matheson Ex-Wife

Some marriages don't go as planned, and Megan Murphy Matheson has experienced it first-hand. The pillar of their marriage stood firm for over two decades but ended in 2010 as the two quit their marriage. 

Megan Murphy Matheson and her ex-husband, Tim Matheson.
Megan Murphy Matheson and her ex-husband, Tim Matheson. (Image Source: Pinterest)

The story of how Megan and her now ex-husband met remains to be discovered. But one thing that is known is that they crossed paths in 1984

The ex-couple Megan and Tim Matheson married after dating for a year on June 29, 1985. Getting married that quickly usually ends up badly, but knowing their marriage lasted for twenty-four years shows they made an effort towards their marriage.

It must have been extra hard for Tim to learn his parents went through a divorce, too, which was pretty traumatic for him. He had mentioned it while speaking to Smashing Interviews, where he had said:

My parents went though a divorce, and like they all are, it was somewhat traumatic. I used to go and hide out in the movie theaters on the weekends just to get away. I’d watch movies over and over again. It was a place of solace. It was almost like going to church for me. 

Megan Murphy Matheson, A Mother Of Three

The only thing that remains for Megan Murphy Matheson from her marriage with Tim is the three kids she shares with him. She had two daughters, Molly Matheson and Emma Matheson, and a son, Cooper Matheson, from her 24-year marriage to the Hart of Dixie actor. 

Megan Murphy Matheson is wearing a black dress whereas, Molly Matheson is on her wedding dress holding flowers.
Megan Murphy Matheson with her daughter Molly Matheson at her wedding in Mexico. (Source: Facebook @Tim Matheson)

Molly is their first child, who was born in 1987. Then came their other daughter, Emma, just a year later, in 1988. Cooper arrived much later, on August 12, 1994

Megan's kids themselves stay away from the media. But their father, while speaking to Melissa Parker from Smashing Interviews, talked about his kids. 

He said:

My son is an engineer right now at Boeing in Charleston, South Carolina. My oldest girl, Molly, is an agent at William Morris Endeavor, and she is part of the management team of their investment fund. So, she’s in a whole wing of the business, the digital division, that I’ve never been involved in. Her sister, Emma, runs the marketing division of the Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, London and Las Vegas. he plans music festivals and does all sorts of stuff. 

Megan Murphy Matheson's Ex-Husband Tim Has Moved On From Their Marriage

Megan Murphy Matheson's lack of media presence makes it impossible to tell if she ever moved on from the National Lampoon's Animal House actor, Tim Matheson. But Tim has and doesn't hesitate to show his love for his wife, Elizabeth Marighetto.

Tim Matheson is on a suit and Elizabeth Marighetto on a white wedding dress as both are looking at each other.
Tim Matheson & Elizabeth Marighetto on their wedding (Source: Facebook @Tim Matheson)

After leaving the married journey of twenty-four years with Megan, Tim found love in Elizabeth. This lovely couple exchanged their wedding vows on March 10, 2018, the same day as actress Clara Spera and Roey Boyd. The wedding took place in the presence of their close friends and family.

Megan's ex-husband, Tim, posted a picture on his Instagram with the caption: 

Elizabeth Marighetto and I getting married!! March 10, 2018, Arts District, Los Angeles, CA. What a joyous day!

Marighetto also works in the same industry as Tim but not the same job. While her husband is an actor, she is a script supervisor, having worked in shows like Blood Father, Future Man, Kingdom, and Shooter.

Tim's Controversy Surrounding Melania Trump

Tim Matheson, besides acting, is also a man who loves getting involved in Politics, and it once landed him in hot water. He has often been accused of being a leftist. In addition, his comments on former first lady Melania Trump only made people with differing political views hate him more.

The incident happened right after the election, which saw Joe Biden becoming the new president of the United States. This meant Jill Biden became the new first lady. Tim took this opportunity to tweet about her while subtly trolling Melania Trump. He tweeted:

So wonderful to have a First Lady with class and heart. And can speak English!

This tweet sparked outrage as people accused the actor of Xenophobia. Seeing all the noise, Tim deleted the tweet and came up with an apology. However, the damage had already been done, and many people didn't seem to buy his apology.

Megan Murphy Matheson's Ex-Husband Once Received Death Threats 

While many people limited their outrage towards Twitter, where they just called out Tim Matheson for his tweets, there was one who didn't stop there. As per Tim, he received death threats from an unidentified person who asked for massive amounts of money.

TMZ reports that the This Is Us actor Tim filed a report to the Los Angeles Police Department regarding it. He is hated by many right-wingers in the US for his political biases, with the actor even saying that the only Republican he has voted for was Ronald Regan. 

Megan Murphy Matheson: Physical Features

Megan Murphy Matheson lives far away from the entertainment world. And one of the best things about that is she doesn't get constantly judged for her physical appearance by the people and media. But she still looks pretty good for her age.

Megan stands at 5 Feet 2 Inches (157 cm), which is considered way less than the average height. Her height is complimented by her body weight of 125 lbs (57 kg), and her body measurements are 34-24-35 inches. 

There is one more physical characteristic about her that people recognize her for. It is her eyes. Megan is one of the few people in the world with blue eyes.

How Prosperous Is Megan Murphy Matheson? Net Worth & Assets

Megan Murphy Matheson may not be wealthy, but she lives a well-off life. She has a net worth of $1 Million. The said amount is enough to live a good life. 

Since Megan lives a quiet life, she hasn't disclosed what she does for a living, so it remains to find out what makes up her net worth. 

Megan Murphy Matheson posed for a picture in a black turtle neck.
Megan Murphy Matheson posed for a picture in a black turtle neck. (Source: Pinterest)

The portion of Megan's wealth is also made up of money she received from the divorce settlement from Tim. However, the settlement amount has also not been disclosed in the media.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Tim Matheson has a net worth of $7 Million, the same as actress Saoirse Ronan. He amassed this amount through his acting career.  


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