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Fri Oct 20 2023
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Mary Lee Harvey has gained recognition for being the ex-wife of Steve Harvey. Her ex-husband Steve is a prominent personality who is an American TV host, comedian, and actor. 

Mary adopted a professional career as a makeup artist before getting married to Steve. She also worked as the president of Harvey House Entertainment and Wonder Love, Inc.

Know About The Married Life Of Mary Lee

As noted earlier, Mary Lee Harvey shared a marital life with Steve Harvey. They had their life together for nearly ten years before the separation followed by a messy divorce. 

The ex-couple Mary Lee and Steve first had their introduction at a mall in Arlington, Texas in 1989. From that time, they had an instant connection that quickly turned into a romantic relationship. 

Mary Lee Harvey with her ex-husband before the divorce.
Mary Lee Harvey with her ex-husband before the divorce. (Source: CITIMUZIK)

Mary Lee and Steve tied the knot walking down the aisle in 1996. It was a simple marriage ceremony where they exchanged their marriage vows family and close friends. 

The duo Mary Lee and Steve shocked their well-wishers and fans through a divorce announcement. They eventually parted from each other divorcing in 2005. 

Did Mary Have Any Children With Steve? 

Mary and Steve welcomed a son during their married life and is their only kid. The name of their son is Wynton Harvey born on July 18, 1997, and is in his mid-20s as of now. 

Wynton hasn't entered the entertainment industry instead is a professional photographer. He also presents himself as a model and social media personality. 

Wynton Harvey enjoying his time at Burj Al Arab.
Wynton Harvey enjoying his time at Burj Al Arab. (Source: Instagram @ wyntonharvey)

The celebrity son Wynton has a verified Instagram handle with the username@wyntonharvey. He has been able to amass a following of 93.1k on his Instagram where he shares photographs.

Wynton has mastered photography in portraits, landscapes, and documentation with various other categories. Similarly, Wynton has especially specialized in fine art photography. 

What Led to Mary Lee and Steve's Surprising Divorce?

Mary Lee Harvey was the one who filed for divorce from Steve Harvey in 2005. She reasoned him having an affair with his now wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey while they were married. 

It was quite a messy divorce as there was also a child custody dispute. She reasoned Steve for being unfaithful and is the one who destroyed her life.

Mary Lee Harvey and Steve divorced each other in 2005.
Mary Lee Harvey and Steve divorced each other in 2005. (Source: Pinterest)

However, all the accusations of Mary Lee weren't termed as the reason for their divorce. It was clarified they had divorced due to their irreconcilable differences.   

Also, Mary filed a lawsuit against Steve for $60 million lawsuit for cheating on Marjorie while they were married. It was later dismissed by a judge in December  2017.

Were Mary's All Accusations Against Steve True? 

The celebrity ex-wife Mary has made various accusations against Steve. Robert Dry was the one who did the court ruling regarding her several accusations against Steve. 

One of the claims stated Mary was homeless which was not true. She had a monthly payment of $40k until March 2009 with $1.5 million and three properties in divorce settlement form.

Also, the accusation of Steve taking Wynton away from her wasn't true. It was revealed he never distant Wynton from Mary nor turned him against her creating hate towards her. 

Also, the claims of Steve cheating on her due to an affair with Majorie were false. The judge said that she wasn't even the reason for their split during the divorce proceedings. 

Is Mary Lee Presently Married?

Mary Lee Harvey might share a married life with a secretive spouse. It is reported she has changed her surname from Harvey Woolridge or Vaughn but it's not official or confirmed news.

Nevertheless, Steve has moved on with his life and shares a lovely married life with Marjorie Elaine Harvey. Harvey and Lee completed their marriage ceremony in 2007. 

Steve Harvey with his current wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey.
Steve Harvey with his current wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey. (Source: Pinterest)

Marjorie and Steve have been sharing their blissful married life without any conflicts. No news or rumors are flourishing regarding their divorce and look forward to sharing more years. 

Before sharing married life with Marjorie and Mary, he was previously married to Marcia Harvey. They were in 1981 and had their split in 1994 after 13 years of their marriage. 

What About The Net Worth Details Of Mary?

Mary Lee Harvey has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million. Unfortunately, she might have kept the details of her income sources away from the online platforms. 

Mary added money through her divorce settlement from her husband Steve Harvey. She received $1k child support, $40k monthly pay till March 2009 with three properties, and $1.5 million.

Mary Lee Harvey has an approximate net worth of $1 million.
Mary Lee Harvey has an approximate net worth of $1 million. (Source: HuffPost)

On the contrary, Steve Harvey has made a staggering net worth of $200 million. He has earned this money through his acting, comedy, and hosting career. 

In addition, Steve has made $20 million yearly for his radio gig and $10 million for hosting the show Family Feud. He will earn through his upcoming project Bad Grandmas and Think Like A Man

Is Mary Lee Active On Social Platforms? 

Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary Lee isn't active on social media platforms. She is not seen on online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter right now. 

People ought to look out for his Instagram handle massively on the Internet. Unfortunately, she doesn't have her official Instagram handle and might love to live under the shadow of the media.

Nonetheless, You can see her ex-husband Steve Harvey available on Instagram. He is available under the username@iamsteveharveytv having 10.9 million followers. 

Was Mary Lee Arrested?

Yes, Mary Lee was arrested in 2013 after allegedly being convicted in contempt of court. As a  consequence of this, she spent thirty days in prison for this offense. 

Mary continued to speak publicly regarding her divorce although she was warned not to speak. She didn't follow the gag order condition noted in the divorce papers ultimately leading her to jail.

A Little Peak On Mary Lee's Ex-Husband

Steve Harvey has made a name for himself being an American comedian, TV host, and actor. He was welcomed by his parents on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia.

Steve Harvey enjoying his time in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Steve Harvey enjoying his time in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Source: Instagram @ iamsteveharveytv)

Steve is a beloved host on TV shows like Family Feud and The Steve Harvey Morning Show. he has solidified his status as a media powerhouse due to his entertaining personality. 

Moving onto Steve's acting career, his breakthrough acting role is Clarence Johnson in the movie Love Don't Cost a Thing. His other notable acting credits include The Packers and You Got Served.

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