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Wed Oct 25 2023
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Lizzy Musi is a versatile and talented individual excelling in sports, entrepreneurship, and television. She's inspired many women to believe they can achieve anything with hard work & dedication.

People are more intrigued to know about her relationship status instead of her professional career. You can all these details including her net worth, parents, and various other details. 

Unfold Musi's Relationship Status: Is She Single Or Has A Boyfriend?

Lizzy Musi is leading a single life and isn't dating anyone sharing a romantic relationship. She has kept the details of her relationship under wrap away from the media and the general public. 

Lizzy Musi is single and isn't dating anyone.
Lizzy Musi is single and isn't dating anyone. (Source: Instagram @ lizzymusi)

Musi was rumored dating Dale Earnhardt's grandson Jeffrey Earnhardt but there is no confirmation. Both have remained tight-lipped and haven't acknowledged the rumors of their love life.

As of now, Musi is probably focusing on her drag racing and showbiz career. She likely has no plans of dating anyone glancing through her official Instagram handle.

Brief On Her Former Relationship 

Lizzy Msi wasn't single from the start and was previously in a romantic relationship with Kye Kelly. The first had their encounter at a PDRA exhibition race but didn't start dating after that. 

Lizzy Musi with her former partner Kyle Kelly.
Lizzy Musi with her former partner Kyle Kelly. (Source: Instagram @ lizzymusi)

They got to know each other better when Musi's father introduced them at his shop. The romantic duo likely bonded over their shared passion for racing and related interests.

The love duo Lizzy and Kylie even had their engagement on July 31, 2021, surprising their fans. They were likely to get married and also used to flaunt their relationship on social media. 

However, the marriage dreams were shattered when both of them ended their relationship. The reason for their split is unknown and remains vague remaining the topic of curiosity. 

Breaking Down The Net Worth Of Mussi: Her Financial Status!

Lizzy Musi commands an estimated net worth of $1 million similar to the Russian actress Dina Korzun. The beautiful lady is a drag racer and must have earned most of the money from it. 

Lizzy Musi with her Chevrolet Camaro.
Lizzy Musi with her Chevrolet Camaro. (Source: Instagram @ lizzymusi)

While Musi's racing income isn't disclosed, she might have earned over $50,000, a common figure among professional racers. Additionally, she may have amassed substantial prize money by securing victories throughout her racing career.

Furthermore, Musi is a television personality who has been featured in various TV shows. She potentially earned a substantial income through her appearances in Street Outlaws: Gone Girl.

The drag racer has a passion for antique and distinctive cars, making them a hobby of hers. She possesses a Chevrolet Camaro, valued at nearly $20,000, and likely other lavish cars.

Insight Into The Career Of Lizzy

Lizzy Musi is a talented American drag racer known for her remarkable career in drag racing. Musi initiated her racing career at the age of 16, starting with junior Drag Racing. In 2013, Musi entered the pro circuit, ranking 5th at ADRL US Drags.

The picture of Lizza Musi at the finals of NPk season.
The picture of Lizza Musi at the finals of NPk season.  (Source: Instagram @ lizzymusi)

Musi made history as the first woman to break the 200MPH barrier in 1/8-Mile Doorslammer Drag Racing in 2014. Furthermore, she followed this up with another victory in 2015, securing a National Event win in Pro Nitrous.

Musi also triumphed in Middle East Pro Modified Drag Racing. She set a record at 3.79 seconds and 200.48MPH in a National Pro Nitrous Race. During her successful career, she has also participated in numerous other competitions.

Musi's career is marked by her dedication to the sport and her groundbreaking achievements. Her passion for racing and her determination to succeed continue to drive her to new heights in the world of professional drag racing.

Is Lizzy Active On Social Media?

Lizzy Musi is a prominent social media personality, engaging with her thousands of fans. She has made a massive fanbase being active on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Musi is most active on her verified Instagram account @lizzymusi, with over 300K followers. Her fans eagerly follow her daily updates, keeping up with her life and more.

The Internet personality Lizzy effectively uses digital platforms, including her YouTube channel. Her channel has over 67 thousand subscribers with one video gaining over 84K views.

Peak Into Lizzy's Bio/Wiki & Age

Lizzy Musi is among the most talented women in racing, born on January 1, 1991. She was born under the zodiac sign Capricorn and was raised by her parents in North Carolina, United States.

Pat Musi and Elizabeth Agneta Musi are the parents of Lizzy. She grew up with her sister Patricia Musi who has kept a low-key profile. Patricia might prefer to lead a private life as of now.

According to sources, Lizzy earned her high school and bachelor's degrees from reputed institutes. However, specific details about her high school and university remain undisclosed.

Learn about Lizzy's Father, Pat Musi

Pat Musi is known for his expertise in building high-performance engines and owner of Pat Musi Racing Engines. He is also a former drag racer who won about eight professional Street World Championships.

Pat Musi with his daughter Lizzy Musi and wife  Elizabeth Agneta Musi.
Pat Musi with his daughter Lizzy Musi and wife  Elizabeth Agneta Musi. (Source: Facebook)

Pat joined the backroom staff of an international car racing team repairing and reassembling vehicles for competitions. His Pat Engines specializes in building high-performance engines for drag racing and other motorsports.

Lizzy was inspired by her father when she was a teenager developing an interest in drag racing. She later transformed herself into a racer and won many competitions as noted earlier. 

Pat's career in drag racing includes his accomplishments as a racer and his pioneering work as an engine builder. His assistance to the sport has solidified his place as a true legend in the world of drag racing.

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