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Fri Aug 11 2023
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You must have heard about Duck Dynasty, the popular TV Show about duck hunting. If you follow the life of the show stars Jessica Robertson and Jep Robertson, then Jules Augustus Robertson must be a familiar name to you.

Jules is the son of Jessica and Jep. So, what do we know about this kid who always looks happy in the pictures on his mom and dad's Instagram? Well, let's find out.

Jules Augustus Robertson Is Adopted

Jules Augustus Robertson is very dear to Jessica and Jep Robertson, but they aren't his biological parents. Jules is the youngest and the adopted child, and the Robertsons have not shied away from it. 

Jules Augustus Robertson is looking at the camera as there is a bread basket in front of him in the table.
Jules Augustus Robertson making goofy expressions at the camera (Source: Instagram @jeprobertson)

Their son has been part of their show, Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty. You could tell by looking at them how much they love their adopted son.

It was Jessica who approached Jep with the idea of adopting a baby. Jep wasn't immediately ready for it, though. Jep shared this story on his Insta on National Adoption Month. Jessica commented on the same post about the incident where she said:

I’ll never forget that day when you came home and said you were ready.

Net Worth of Jules Augustus Robertson's Parents

Jules Augustus Robertson may have been an orphan at one point, but now he is not only adopted by those who love and takes care of him but also by those who can afford to give him a good life. Jep and Jessica have an estimated net worth of $8 Million.

Jules Augustus Robertson and his family took a family picture on his sister's wedding day
Jules Augustus Robertson and his family took a family picture on his sister's wedding day. (Source: Instagram @jessicaduckwife)

Although the success of the Duck Dynasty can be credited for a significant portion of their income, television isn't their only source of income. Jessica Robertson has her own business called Genuine by Jess, which, as per the company's official website, makes gifts by filling the box with hand-picked items by Jessica herself. 

Jep Robertson also has a small business, a food truck. They are invested in their business, but they also have not quit doing television. Their show Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty has been successful and contributes to their growing wealth.

Jules Augustus Robertson's Parents: Relationship and Married Life

Jules Augustus Robertson's parents Jessica Robertson and Jep Robertson married a long time back. And there have been no signs of love dying out between them. The surprising part is they didn't take time to learn about each other since they married shortly after encountering each other the first time. So, how have these two managed to keep their relationship floating?

Well, Jessica knows how. Jules' mother has also provided tips to people in case they want to know how to make marriages work. And it isn't complicated. Jessica has advised us: Be Loyal, Forgive, Respect, and Cherish your spouse. 

Jules Robertson is holding Jep Robertson close to him as they are standing Infront of Gruene Mansion building.
Jules Robertson and Jep Robertson at Gruene Mansion (Source: Instagram @jeprobertson)

Jessica and Jep exchanged their wedding vows on the same month Charlize Theron broke up with Stephan Jenkins. They married on October 7, 2001, just a few months after seeing each other for the first time. 

They had only started seeing each other in the June of that year. And they had only first seen each other in the February of that same year. It sounds like they rushed things, but they are still married and share five kids, so they probably have no regrets about tying the knot that early.

Jules Augustus Robertson Has A Catholic Upbringing

Jessica and Jep are known to be devout Catholics. And they have also given the same upbringing to all of their kids. At a time when many Christians have stopped going to Church, it is commendable that the family is not ashamed to wear their religion on their sleeves.

Jules Augustus Robertson and his mother, Jessica, took a selfie after their work.
Jules Augustus Robertson and his mother, Jessica, took a selfie after their work. (Source: Instagram @jessicaduckwife)

To understand how devoted they are to their religion, you can look at one of Jessica's stories. Heavy, in their article titled Jessica Robertson, Jep’s Wife on ‘Duck Dynasty’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, has cited a Fox interview of her, where she revealed that she had been baptized before dating Jep. She said:

When I first met him I was just hanging out with him and his buddies, a group of people from church would hang out and do Bible studies. We met in March 2001 and in April he baptized me in the lake and then we started dating in June.

Jules Is The Youngest Of The Five Children

Jules is not the only adopted kid of the Robertson family but also the youngest of the five children Jep and Jessica share. He has three daughters, Lily Robertson, Merritt Robertson, and Priscilla Robertson, and two sons, River Robertson and Jules Augustus Robertson. 

Jep, a father of these five on Father's Day, shared a picture of his family and, in the post, thanked his father for helping him to become the father he is today. He wrote:

Being a father is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is a job I do not take lightly and that I thank God for the opportunity every day. Thank you to my old man for showing me the way. Happy Father’s day everyone! #fathersday

Jep, Jessica, Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, River, Jules all are hugging each other for one big picture.
Jep Robertson and Jessica Robertson with their kids Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, River, and Jules enjoying at the beach (Source: Instagram @jeprobertson)

It is not easy work to take care of a family that big. But Jep and Jessica make it happen. Jules truly is a blessed kid. Even though he doesn't have his biological parents with him, he probably found the best mom, dad, and siblings.

The Time His Father & Mother Fought Because Of Game

In their book The Good, The Bad, and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us About Faith, Family, and Forgiveness, Jep and Jessica revealed many shocking details about their relationship. In one such incident that was brought to light, the two fought because of the game Battleship.

The fight started after Jep lost the match. And it wasn't any ordinary fight. He told Jessica to leave the house because of it. Zach Seemayer and Philiana Ng for ET online have quoted what she said regarding it in the book:

I want you to leave this house right now," she recalls him saying -- and she did. She found out later that the Robertson family was uber-competitive when it came to games like Monopoly and dominoes "and played for blood."

Jules Augustus Robertson's Dad Almost Lost His Life

Jules Augustus almost lost his father in 2014. Jep almost lost his life while he was hunting, and as per Jep himself:

I remember we were hunting and I reached down to get my bow and they said I just crumpled up and started shaking real violently.

Jep Robertson can be seen rocking his long beard and also wearing a white cap in the picture.
Jep Robertson talking to ABC News about the near-death experience (Source: YouTube @Jeminson William)

He had to be hospitalized, and Jep doesn't remember any of it. But Fox News, in their report, says that the people who saw it happen said that he had multiple seizures and also passed out for five minutes.

Jules's Father Was Sexually Abused As A Child

In the book, The Good, The Bad, and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us About Faith, Family, and Forgiveness, one shocking revelation was made by Jep Robertson. He brought up the sensitive issue of being sexually abused as a kid by a girl from his school.

ET Online's Zach Seemayer and Philiana Ng have quoted Jep speaking about the scary incident. He said:

She'd take my hands and push them up under her shirt and tell me I was tickling her. Then she started making me pull down my pants. It was awkward. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew something wasn't right… I became more and more confused and scared. I moved to different seats and even tried sitting up by the bus driver, who didn't seem to have a clue what was going on.


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