Who Is Jann Wenner? Is He Married?

Tue Sep 19 2023
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Inside Jann Wenner's controversial personal life: Complete story here!   

Most famously known as the co-founder of the pop-culture magazine, Rolling Stone, Jann Wenner is rightfully deemed the godfather of new journalism. Wenner is also the former owner of men's lifestyle magazine, Men's Journal. Jann's list of revolutionary achievements doesn't end here. The renowned businessman also co-founded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  

Born Jann Simon Wenner on January 7, 1946, in NYC, Wenner played an integral part in the media industry throughout the 70s and 80s. Wenner is credited for discovering and popularizing great talents. Wenner conducted and wrote many high-profile Rolling Stones interviews in his decades-long career, while also becoming a subject of other publications.  

The media tycoon is currently in the hot waters after his recent interview with the New York Times, where Jann made a slew of controversial statements. While weighing on his book, The Masters, a proclaimed remarkable compilation of his best interviews, Wenner blurted out his narrow worldview and alluded to what can be justly called a white boy's music club.   

Inside Jann Wenner's First Marriage! 

Jann's biased demeanor, which he exhibited clearly in his interview, is anything but a shocking revelation. The industry, if not the world, has sensed the businessman's prejudiced inclinations time and again over the years. And now that the world has got its eye on Wenner, his relatively wrapped personal life is all out for the public to judge.   

Jann Wenner is the founder of Rolling Stone.
Jann Wenner is best known as the founder of Rolling Stone, Men's Health, and a few more publications. Photo Source: Instagram

The Rolling Stone founder, considered a gay icon by a legion, was once married to a woman. Wenner's biographer, Joe Hagan, described Wenner as "Brilliant, vulgar, courageous, cruel," in Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine.  

Hagan also alluded to the possibility of Jann's wife, Jane Schindelheim, playing the role of a social navigator to her insecure and fame-hungry husband. "He wanted badly to fit in, even well before the magazine started," Hagan explains. Wenner and Schindelheim tied the knot in early 1967 and welcomed three sons, Gus, Theordre, and Alexander.   

Jann Wenner was married to Jane Schindelheim.
Jann was a closeted gay man when he was married to Jane Schindelheim for decades. Photo Source: 

In his biography, which Jann deemed to be "deeply flawed and tawdry, rather than substantial" Hagan described the duo's marriage as a co-dependent commitment. "They came together in their mutual desire for power and pleasure and style," Hagan writes. For decades, Schindelheim was a guiding force in Wenner's professional trajectory and also his business partner.   

The former Rolling Stoner kept his sexuality a secret for as long as he could. But Schindelheim wasn't completely blind-sighted. Hagan also dishes out an incident early in Jann's marriage when Schindelheim discovered her husband's affair with a man. The spouses buried the hatched after Wenner promised to end the affair.   

Jann Wenner was a closeted gay man for decades.
Wenner shares three sons with his ex-wife. Photo Source: Instagram

But Wenner's wife couldn't let the bygones be bygones as she soon started a fling with folk-guitar player Sandy Bull. The incessant use of drugs, mutual infidelities, and Jane's worsening mental health plagued their marriage to the core. There came a time when both Wenner and Jane made an agreement to keep their marriage open.   

It wasn't until 1995, 26 years since their wedding, that the Rolling Stone founder came out to his wife and made the long-due decision to end their marriage. And although Wenner publicly started dating Matt Nye, a fashion designer, after the split, Jane continued to be in denial, stretching their marriage for another 17 years.     

The Rolling Stone co-founder is under intense backlash after his recent controversial interview with the New York Times! 

The long-estranged couple finally settled their divorce in 2011. The delayed process was carried out so that Wenner could delve into his second marriage with his boyfriend. Jann and Jane reportedly separated with a multi-million dollar settlement.  

Inside Jann Wenner's Second Marriage!  

Jann's long-buried past isn't the only thing that's been getting a lot of attention since his disgraceful interview and his ultimate removal from Rock Hall Leadership. The retired businessman's ongoing marriage with Matt Nye is also a subject of the hour. Wenner left Jane in 1995 after he fell in love with Nye, who has since been a constant fixation in Wenner's life.   

Jann Wenner is a father to six.
Wenner shares three kids with his husband, Matt Nye. Photo Source: Instagram

As per sources, Wenner proudly showed off his then-young and attractive boyfriend early on in their relationship. Despite being at the forefront of many public events, and basking in the glamorous spotlight, Wenner and Matt have kept their marriage under wrap.  

Since starting their relationship in 1995, the pair have welcomed three kids via surrogacy, Jude, India, and Noah. They walked down the aisle after Wenner finalized his divorce with Jane. The exact date and year of the duo's nuptial, however, remains a secret. Matt was an aspiring designer when he started dating Jann but today, he boasts an exclusive clientele, consisting of names like Madonna, and Bono.  

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