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Mon Feb 19 2024
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Frances Henriques is blessed with such an insanely popular son in Sean Paul. If you listen to American music, there is a high chance that you know about her son.

Frances's son is a Jamaican musician and has collaborated with some top American musicians. Sean is known for his unique rap style that anyone would immediately recognize.

Frances Henriques Has Lost Her Husband

Frances Henriques is living a bit of a lonely life. With her son busy with his work, she would have spent time with her husband, but unfortunately, her family was shortened as a result of his passing away. His name is Gareth Henriques.

It is a lengthy text written by Sean Paul on slightly grey background.
Sean Paul with a message for the fans after Gareth Henriques passed away (Source: Instagram @duttypaul)

The reason behind his death remains unknown, but her son Sean Paul had famously asked for the O negative blood to treat his father. It makes sense for Sean to ask for the blood, as it is scarce. Red Cross Blood Donation says that only 7% of the world's population has blood.

Her husband lost his life on May 24, 2018. Sean told the fans about the tragic news through the text Instagram post. Along with the sad announcement, he also thanked the University of West Indies doctors, nurses, the medical team involved, and those who helped him with his father's blood.

How Much Money Frances Henriques's Son Made From Music?

Frances Henriques hasn't revealed much about herself. It seems like she doesn't like much of the spotlight. So, we don't know what she does for a living. But her son Sean Paul is a massive star, and some information on his wealth is available to the public.

The Gimme the Light singer has an estimated net worth of $25 Million. Music is his most significant source of revenue. The success of his albums like DUTTY ROCK and THE TRINITY can be credited to his income as both albums have managed to sell over 4 Million copies.

Both Frances Kids Are In the Music Industry

Well, we all know about Sean Paul. The famous Jamaican rapper and the son of Frances. But did you know that she also is the mother of another musician? She is also the mother of Jigzagula, a famous DJ. 

The pic shows Jigzagula wearing a black shirt with flower design on it.
Sean Paul's brother Jigzagula (Source: Discogs)

Jigzagula's full name is Jason Nicholas St Patrick Henriques. He is a successful DJ and is part of a group called Copper Shot. It must be nice for her to see both of her sons making a name for themselves, working in the same industry.

Frances Blames Her Son For Overpopulation

You did not read the title wrong. The Got 2 Luv U singer Sean Paul has revealed that his mother, Frances Henriques, blamed him for the overpopulation in the world.

Frances blamed her son's lyrics in his song and said that it is why people are reproducing. The Get Busy singer even revealed that his mom, Frances, had asked him to sing about contraceptives so that the population would be controlled. 

Murugi Gichovi for The Sauce has quoted Sean Paul in the article where the Temperature singer said:

My mum, she’s like: ‘Yo the earth should not be so populated, you have to sing songs about contraception,’ one day I’ll do it as it’s true. It’s crazy, we are clotting the place up.

Frances's Husband, Garth Henriques, Was A Drug Addict

Frances Henriques's husband's controversy seems not just about ganja smuggling. Garth Henriques has been involved in some other stuff as well. Stuff that made her son Sean hate his father as a kid. He was a cocaine addict.

Sean Paul and Gareth Henriques are talking to the camera.
Sean Paul with his father Gareth Henriques (Source: YouTube @Dutty Hamid)

Garth was also involved in a gang. Now that is a deadly combo. Sean has talked about how his father was never there for him as he would always be either in prison or rehab, cleaning up the mess in both cases. 

Urbanislandz's Kady Anglin has an article where Sean Paul said this about his father:

Mi father crash ganja plane inna di Everglades, mi father was in prison from mi was 18 year old. The things weh me go thru as a yute and see, every Sunday police outside a talk to mi father and a try bribe him fi dis or dat and me a seh jah know. So those things was no cushy lifestyle bro.

Her Husband Loved Weed (How His Love For Weed Crashed The Plane)

One thing Sean Paul fans know about his father, Gareth Henriques, is that he loved weed. People called him Dad Blaze. His love for weed has also landed him in a lot of trouble.

Frances was once found trying to smuggle 700 pounds of Marijuana from Jamaica to the USA. However, that's not the craziest part of this story. The plane he was traveling from crashed in Florida. Yes, the plane crashed because it ran out of fuel. The crazy incident occurred in 1982

While speaking to At Home With the podcast, Sean talked about his father, who called his old man a crazy dude. Talking about Gimme The Light, the song that was super popular among weed lovers back then, he said:

The song means a lot to me … it lasted so long and it big up all the weed dudes. My father was locked up several times for weed, he crashed a ganja plane in the Everglades, he was a crazy dude. Yeah for all of those things he went through, when this song broke, he was mad proud of his boy.

The Time Frances Henriques Accidentally Got High

Frances Henriques lived with her weed-loving husband for many years. Her son is also into it. So, this was bound to happen one day.

The No Lie singer Sean Paul has revealed that his mom and his grandma accidentally consumed something they shouldn't have. They destroyed his brownies.

Frances and her mom consumed it, not knowing it wasn't a regular brownie. The Get Busy singer has revealed that it happened at one of his birthday parties. Halina Watts for The Irish Mirror quoted him saying:

They ate them before I could tell them not to and then spent all afternoon on the couch stoned. My 90-year-old grandmother was hallucinating looking out of the window thinking all the birds and the trees were changing colour, while my mum was like the cookie monster.

Frances Henriques Is A Grandma Now

Frances has been blessed with grandkids by her son Sean Paul. They are a daughter, Remi Leigh Henriques, and a son, Levi Blaze.

Jodi Stewart is holding Remi Leigh Henriques and Levi Blaze in the picture.
Jodi Stewart with her kids Remi Leigh Henriques and Levi Blaze (Source: Instagram @duttypaul)

The son Levi is the oldest of the two. The daughter Remi was born on August 20, 2019. The same date Caleb Brush's baby Evangalynn Kodi was born. You will find many pictures of both of them on their father, Sean, and their mom, Jodi Stewart's Insta page. 

Frances Disapproved Of Her Son's Decision To Pursue Music

It's safe to assume Frances Henriques is happy with the success her son Sean has managed to make through music. But that wasn't always the case. Sean has revealed that his mom wasn't initially supportive of his career.

Sean Paul performed on the stage at Cayman Island in June 2023. (Source: Instagram @duttypaul)

Speaking to The Gleaner, Sean said that his mom didn't want him to pursue his career in music because of the fear of critics. She was worried that people might not like her son's work. Regarding this, he said:

On my mom side, yes because she is an artist. She paints and so she knows exactly what it feels like to pour your emotion into something and then somebody tells you that it's not good enough, or the public might tell you they don't like it.


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