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Sun Oct 22 2023
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Chrysti Eigenberg is widely known among the people for being the wife of David Eigenberg. Her spouse David is an American actor active in the entertainment industry. 

David has widely gained international recognition for his appearance in Sex and the City. In that movie, he is seen portraying the role of Steve Brady.

Unveiling The Married Life Details Of Chrysti And David 

Chrysti Eigenberg has been sharing a beautiful married life with her husband David Eigenberg. They have completed a circle of two decades sharing their life. 

Chrysti first met with David while she was serving in the military in Virginia. During that time, he visited the military base shortly after the 9/11 attacks where she was working. 

Chrysti Eigenberg with her loving husband David Eigenberg.
Chrysti Eigenberg with her loving husband David Eigenberg. (Source: Instagram @ davideigenberg)

The couple Chrysti and David started exchanging several meets and the love between them gradually blossomed. They dated for three months and without delay, David made his proposal. 

After the proposal. Chrysti and David soon completed their marriage ceremony on March 1, 2003. They had their wedding at the Russian Samovar in Manhattan.

Are Chrysti And David Divorced From Each Other?  

Chrysti Eigenebrg and David Eigenberg haven't divorced from each other. They have continued to live their marital life for over 20 years despite having several ups and downs. 

David shared some of his thoughts on his married life in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. They didn't have that bonding in the second year as they did in the first year as shared in the interview. 

The Unknowing actor David also added several thoughts in the interview with Cosmopolitan magazine and said

"When the dust settles, and you could still like, forgive each other and communicate and start to understand something about the other person… there’s something in that, that’s the goodness."

As of now, the love birds David and Chrysti are sharing their lovely married life without hindrance. They look forward to cherishing every moment with no news of divorce or extramarital affairs.

Chrysti And David Are The Proud Parents

The romantic pair Chrysti and David have shared two kids from their romantic relationship. They have gotten the privilege of experiencing parenthood by raising them. 

David Eigenberg with his kids Louie Steven Eigenberg and Myrna Belle Eigenberg.
David Eigenberg with his kids Louie Steven Eigenberg and Myrna Belle Eigenberg. (Source: Twitter @ DEigenbergFr)

Louie Steven Eigenberg is their first child born in January 2009. His younger sibling Myrna Belle Eigenberg was born on January 31, 2014, and has an age gap of five years. 

It is not known whether they will pursue a career in acting like their father. They are enjoying their childhood but people look forward to seeing which career path they will take in the future. 

What About The Net Worth Details of Chrysti? 

Chrysti Eigenberg might have earned an admirable net worth but it's not discovered right now. No online platforms have placed any things on her net worth details right now. 

On the contrary, Chrysti's husband David Eigenberg has made an estimated net worth of  $6 million similar to Jimmi Simpson. His fortune is made through his successful acting career in the entertainment industry. 

David Eigenberg plays the role of Christopher Hermann in the TV series Chicago Fire.
David Eigenberg plays the role of Christopher Hermann in the TV series Chicago Fire. (Source: Instagram @ davideigenberg)

David is a long-term actor in the television series Chicago Fire. Taylor Kinney makes around 24k per episode and he must be earning similar to it as he is a recurring character in the series. 

Similarly, David has earned through his acting role in the TV series Chicago Med. Unfortunately, there are no details discovered on his other income sources and real estate properties. 

Know About The Physical Appearance Of Chrysti 

Chrysti EIgenberg is a beautiful lady who has attractive physical features. She has a slender build to her body and stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches(173cm) just like Sauriyan Sapkota.

Chrysti's blonde hair perfectly fits her beautiful-looking blue eyes. Her charming smile combined with other physical traits has added beauty and fans also admire her physical appearance. 

Does Chrysti Have Any Social Media Platforms? 

David Eigenberg's wife Chrysti has a social media platform. Regardless, she is a private person and doesn't stay active on social networking sites. 

The Instagram post was shared by David Eigenberg.
The Instagram post was shared by David Eigenberg. (Source: Instagram @ davideigenberg)

Chrysti has an Instagram handle but it's placed in a private mode which makes it difficult to explore her social media. She can be found with the username@snugasbugga on Instagram. 

You can also check her husband David Eigenberg's Instagram under the username@davideigenberg. He has 236k followers where he shares updates on his professional and personal life. 

A Short Detail On Chrysti's Military Career

Chrysti Eigenberg dedicated some years of her life serving in the military in the US Army. She joined the military force at the age of 20 carrying the spirit to serve for her country. 

Chrysti actively worked and was engaged in various missions across different parts of the world. Her career in the military service spanned over a decade.

As mentioned earlier, Christi is a private person and hasn't discussed much about her military career. However, she was a skilled a talented painter who was recognized by her superiors during her time in the military. 

An Introduction To Chrysti Husband's Acting Career

David Eigenberg is an American actor who is loved for his amazing acting works. He has been active in this showbiz industry since 1989 completing a milestone of over 20 years. 

David's rise to stardom happened through his acting role in the TV series Soldier of Fortune, Inc. He played the role of Nick Delvecchio appearing in a total of 16 episodes. 

The celebrity personality David continued to give acting works. Some of his notable acting credits include Sex and the City, A Perfect Murder, and Chicago Fire.

David Eigenberg with the cast members of the TV series Chicago Fire
David Eigenberg with the cast members of the TV series Chicago Fire. (Source: Instagram @ davideigenberg)

David is continuing to entertain his fans through his acting works in movies and TV series. Some of his latest works include Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Unknowing. 

Chrysti's Early Life Details 

Chrysti Eigenberg was welcomed by her parents in 1965 but their names are undiscovered. She was raised in the United States and is in her mid-50s as of this writing. 

Chrysti's parents hold European ancestry but nothing much is there to explore on her family background. She may have respected the privacy of her family by not sharing anything. 

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