The Queen of Soul: The Top 5 Facts about Aretha Franklin's Family.

Tue Jan 18 2022
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Aretha Franklin is a famous singer of America who has given many popular songs. She is also a songwriter, Pianist as well. 

She is also known as the queen of the soul because of her vocal flexibility, interpretive intelligence, skillful piano-playing.

Top five facts about Aretha Franklin's family.

Franklin was born on 25 March 1942 in America. She got a mental tragedy from a small young age. 

 She became known in the world due to her soul-touching songs and the lyrics and melody that her songs carry.

Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin at her young age Source :Pop sugar

Divorce of Her Parents

The famous American singer franklin's parents were  American Baptist minister Lavaughn Franklin and the gospel singer and pianist Barbara. 

They got separated when she was six years and she started living with her father.

Her First baby 

Aretha Franklin got pregnant at the age of 12 by a local boy Donald Burke. She hasn't married him but had a baby boy and named him Clarence.

Death of Franklin's mother 

Franklin's mother died in the year 2010 from a heart attack. She was in deep sorrow after her mother's demise.

She told that 'I cannot describe the pain nor will I try' after returning from burial after the sad demise of her mother.

Franklin's First Husband

Aretha Franklin got married to former manager Ted White but couldn't last for a long. She got separated from him due to some domestic violence issues. 

Aretha Franklin and Glynn Turman
Aretha Franklin with her husband Glynn Turman. Source: Oprah daily

Later on, she got married to Glynn Turman and, the relationship lasted until their death.

Death of Aretha

Aretha Franklin died on August 16, 2018, in Detroit, Michigan United state at the age of 76 due to pancreatic cancer. 

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