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Actor, Singer, Voice over artist (1996)
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Adair Rae Tishler is an American actress, model, and singer who has cameoed in several television shows. She is best known for her role as Molly Walker in the hit TV Show, Heroes.

Adair was born on October 3, 1996, in Nashville, Tennessee. Her parent's lineage is not publically available. The reason behind this might be due to her early fame.

She is also a very private person and hasn't disclosed much about her familial ties.

Currently, she is acquiring her higher studies. She is attending a private catholic university in Chicago, Illinois. She will be completing her undergraduate degree from DePaul University.

Tishler kickstarted her career in theater productions of Cinderella and Sound of Music. She is a multi-talented personality gifted with a sweet voice and a scintillating glamorous face.

Adair is a voice-over artist who has also appeared in many music videos.

Adair Tishler, Prominence To Fame

Tishler has appeared in television shows such as Charmed and House. She has put a wonderful performance in many of her movies such as Within and An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong written by Mary Casanova.

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Tishler has given a short stint in Martina McBride's film God's Will and in Rhonda Vincent's video If Heartaches Had Wings which also featured American pop star and actress Miley Cyrus.

Some of her other performances include the role of Carrie in the compact indie film 'Six and the City'; a knock-off of the hit TV show Sex and the City. Just like Caitlin Dechelle and Odette Annable, she is also everyone's favorite.

Was Adair Tishler Involved In Music?

Tishler used to sing as a lead vocalist for an indie rock band, "Smash It Up". Tishler's band consisted of four middle school friends from Burbank, California, Her buddy, Cole Clarke was a lead guitarist, Brennan Flynn on the bass guitar, and Mia Viesca strumming drums. The self-proclaimed band released a titled CD of original songs in 2009.

Adair Tishlner is a model too?

This multi-talented actress is a model and walks for some of the top-ranked fashion shows. Nowadays, she is active in photo shoots.

Tishler even stated that she might sign up a professional modeling school once she secures her acting career.

Adair Tishler Body, Height

Tishler has a slim body with a modest weight. Adair features blonde hair with hazel blue eyes. She has a height of about 1.52 meters.

How much does Adair Tishler earn?

 Adair has a high-income source. She is one of the richest Hollywood kids in the town.

Tishler's current net worth is expected to be over $0.4 million. Her assets and her insurance have not been disclosed, but it is assumed to be in seven figures.

As a child model, she has branded some of the top-notch kids clothing giants bringing her a hefty amount.

Tishler lives a private life not much active in social media. She likes spending her time with her friends and family. Adair also has two dogs Buffy and Curly.

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