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Actress (1998)
Fri Feb 10 2023
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Ada-Nicole Sanger is an actress famous for her work as Donna Lamonsoff in Sony Pictures' 2010 comedy Grown Ups, and Grown Ups 2 which was later released in 2013. 

The Grown Ups child star was born on January 25, 1998, in Florida, USA. The actress is an American national of white ethnicity and also has a name for her work on Un Reino Bajo la luna (2012)

Net Worth 

Throughout her acting career, Sanger has earned quite a generous sum of money. With her acting career as the primary source of income, Ada-Nicole Sanger has a net worth of $1 million

She has been a part of some Box Office hit movies that include Grown Ups, which hit $271.4 million, and Grown Ups 2, which collected $247 million. She was also part of the film, Moonrise Kingdom which collected a decent $68.3 million with a budget of $16 million. 

Ada-Nicole Sanger
Ada-Nicole Sanger. Sourcee: Instagram@ada_nicole

Sanger also owns a clothing line called The Perfect ANSwer and recently she has also started a career in music. However, it seems that income from them doesn't add up to as much as the income from her acting.

Early Life & Parents of Sanger

Since she was little, Sanger liked watching classic films and listening to music. At the age of ten, Sanger also won the local CBS News Weather Kid Contest, and she got featured in multiple news and weather segments in June 2008.  From what it seems, she had always been a peaceful and kind kid rather than a troublemaker.  

The parents of Ada-Nicole Sanger are Jeff Sanger and Karen Sanger. Though she may be open about her perspectives and daily life, she has been a little hesitant about releasing information on her family. 

Ada-Nicole Sanger with her parents
Ada-Nicole Sanger with her parents. Source: Instagram @ada_nicole

Sanger's Social Reels

Being the social butterfly that she is, Ada-Nicole Sanger is pretty much active on social media. She likes to express herself and record her moments and her daily activities through her social media.

Sanger is active on Instagram under the username @ada_nicole with over 15.4k followers. She is more popular on TikTok with her extremely good TikTok clips. Her TikTok account has 81.2k followers with the username @ada_nicole98.

However, Sanger is not much popular on Twitter. Though she joined Twitter in 2013, she hasn't been able to gain many followers. Her Twitter account which has the username @ANSanger has a little over 1k followers. It could be that she is not as active on Twitter as she's on other media platforms. 

Ada-Nicole Sanger Is Into KPop And Is An Army And An Engene

Ada-Nicole Sanger is an engene
Ada-NIcole Sanger in an Enhypen concert. Source: Instagram @ada_nicole

Through her social media, Sanger made it clear that she is also a part of the Kpop sensation that has swept the world; Army, the name for the fans of BTS. She is also an Engene; the name for the fans of Enhypen, a popular fourth-generation Kpop group. On her social media, Sanger posted pictures where she is in an Enhypen concert with her friend who carried a slogan that said:

Engene will shout out for Enhypen.

Is Ada-Nicole Sanger Dating Anybody?

It seems Sanger is a single lady and has been one for a while. According to some sources, previously, she was in a relationship with Youkendy Mera. Though Sanger has been extremely positive about letting her daily being known, she posts as little as possible about her romance. 

Ada-Nicole Sanger and her boyfriend
Ada-Nicole Sanger with Youkendy Mera. Source: Instagram @ada_nicole

From what Sanger has let on, no speculations could be made about her other half at the time and there are no signs of her being in a relationship. It could be that she is in a relationship and is trying to keep the identity of her partner hidden but there's no proof.

Timeline of Sanger's Career

Moonrise Kingdom actress Sanger started her career in the television and entertainment industry in 2009 with the show BrainSurge, as one of the contestants of the show. But before that, she used to work in 9 theatre dramas. Twice Upon a Time, The Date, and Starz of the Future are some of the best performances of Sanger in theatre.

Sanger started off with Grown Ups as her first film back in 2009. Her debut was successful as she was able to gain fame with her child character. Then, in 2012 she got featured in the Moonrise Kingdom which was nominated for Oscar from Wes Anderson. 

Grown Ups poster
The poster of Grown Ups. Source: Amazon

Sanger was also cast for season 2 of Grown Ups which was very much anticipated and she returned to play Donna Lamonsoff. Before that, she also worked on New Girl, Fox's comedy.

Ada-Nicole's Interest In Acting

Sanger, who grew up in South Florida adoring classic films, held a deep appreciation and love for musical performances and dance as well. According to Sanger, she has dreamed of being an entertainer for as long as she can remember. 

She began taking interest in acting at the age of 6 with her love for old Hollywood movies that she grew after watching classic idols such as Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Debbie Reynolds, and Julie Andrews. She stated that she was inspired by these classic actors to follow her acting dreams.  

How Did Sanger Feel About Working In Grown Ups 2?

For Sanger, her time on Grown Ups 2 was more than just her professional work. According to her, working on Grown-Ups 2 that summer was like continuing an amazing dream. 

And she loved the feeling of being a real part of the Happy-Madison family throughout both productions. 

Sanger Is A Singer And Writes Her Own Songs

Having loved music from a young age, Sanger started writing and releasing her own songs. She may not be the mainstream right now but her songs are pretty good. Her new album ENTITY 23 is out now on different platforms including Spotify. 

The album contains of six songs; Entity 23, Say No, My Nightmare, Stay, Crash Over Me, and Ballroom Song. You can also hear it on her official profile on HearNow.

Entity 23
The Album cover of Entity 23. Source: Spotify

What Does Sanger Do In Her Free Time?

Grown Ups actress Sanger is a free bird that likes to try new things out and has a very diverse range of interests. From what she wrote on her website, she enjoys an impressive array of interests that include fashion along with various other activities. 

Ada-Nicole working on her songs
Ada-Nicole Sanger working in her studio. Source: Instagram @ada_nicole

Sanger likes to invest her time in developing "The Perfect ANSwer" which is her feminine clothing line that is in progress. And apart from that she also spends time enjoying her favorite things like camping, archery, singing, dancing, and other various forms of art.

What Is Sanger Doing Now?

Sanger is developing her own clothing line that is named "The Perfect ANSwer". As mentioned above, Sanger has gotten into the music industry now and she is writing, composing, and producing her own songs.

Sanger is working towards her goal to collaborate with actresses such as Drew Barrymore, Amy Adams & Anne Hathaway and expand her film and television career in both comedy and drama.


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