Actor Hagen Mills Died Young at Age 29! Was it Murder or Suicide?

Fri May 22 2020
By   Bibek

There's a 911 call in Kentucky at 5:45 p.m. local time. A woman says, she's been shot and when the officers reach the location, they find Erica Price with a gunshot wound to her arm and chest. 

She reveals the officers at the scene, that it was Hagen Mills who shot her. The Hollywood actor, however, was pronounced dead at the crime scene. Hagen and Price were in a relationship that also shares a four-year-old daughter, Mila

Hagen Mills and Erica Price with their daughter Mila
Image: Hagen Mills with Erica Price and daughter Mila 
Source: Reporter

Tammy Green-Price witnessed all the events folding in front of her eyes and was even prepared to die to protect Price's four-year-old daughter. In an interview, she reveals, Mills entered the house forcefully and tied her arms with duct tape. 

The actor then waited for his ex-girlfriend Erica to come home and as soon as she arrived, Hagen fired a gun at her from point-blank range. She continued to remember the horrifying incident and said,

"I thought I was next. But the baby was behind me and my only real thought was to shield her. I somehow managed to nudge her down on the couch then closed my eyes and prepared to die."

Hagen then turned the gun towards himself and died at the scene. E! News reports that the autopsy has been completed on Mills. According to the autopsy reports, the cause of death is an apparent suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Hagen Mills with his girlfriend Erica Price
Frame: Hagen Mills with Erica Price 
Source: E! News

After Mills shot himself, Erica was able to drag herself to another room in order to make a 911 call. As of now, she is in a stable condition and making a speedy recovery. After the incident, many criminal histories of the Hollywood actor is coming forward. 

On March 30, 2020, the actor was arrested by the police and was charged with first-degree rape, sodomy, and kidnapping. He was, however, released after a month on May 6 on bond. Citing to the actor release, Erica's mother said,

"I'm very, very angry. Everyone failed here. The authorities failed by offering this man bail."

Not just that, she, moreover, continued saying how the actor's family also failed by not providing him with the mental health he needed. 


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